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Fako Mining & Management, (FAKOMM) LLC. is the biggest multinational service providing consultancy company established in Kaloum Municipality, Republic of Guinea. Our Mission is to procure and manage mining titles, encourage local content and also the nationalisation and Africanisation of the mining sector. We also ensure sustainable developement of Guinean and African Mines.

FAKOMM manages its gold, diamond and bauxite permits.


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Dive into the world of diamonds with our unmatched technical expertise. From geological modeling to advanced exploration techniques, we engineer diamond solutions that span the spectrum of extraction, processing and market delivery. Employing state-of-the-art technologies and industry best practices, we unlock the true potential of your diamond resources, guaranteeing quality, ethical sourcing and market-ready excellence.


Our bauxite services epitomise precision and efficiency. We encompass the entire bauxite lifecycle, from geological assessments to sustainable extraction methods. Our technical insight ensures optimal ore quality, streamlined operations and responsible environmental practices. Harness our strategic guidance to extract maximum value from your bauxite endeavors while adhering to industry-leading sustainability standards.


Unleash the full potential of your gold mining operations with our unparalleled expertise. From prospecting to processing, our technical prowess navigates the intricate nuances of gold exploration, extraction and refining. With a meticulous approach, we optimise processes, enhance yields and ensure the efficient utilization of resources, driving your gold ventures towards unparalleled success.

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FAKOMM Consulting &Services welcomes its clients in the domains of :

Seamless Acquisition and Management of Mining Permits
Expert Construction and Sampling of Mining Work (Wells, Trenches and Boreholes)
delimitation of permits
Precise Project Planning and Budgeting
Vigilant Monitoring and Evaluation of Exploitation and Export Works
Comprehensive Data Compliation, Processing and Reporting
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