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At Fako Mining & Management, (FAKOMM) LLC., we stand as the leader of multi-national mining consulting and service, rooted in the heart of Almamya, Kaloum Municipality, Republic of Guinea. Our journey has been carved by ambition, fueled by expertise and fortified by a relentless commitment to transforming the mining landscape.

Our Bold Mission
FAKOMM exists with a resounding mission: to secure and oversee mining titles for multinational powerhouses. Our prowess shines as we manage bauxite titles in Kindia, gold dominions in Siguiri, Kouroussa and Mandiana, and a diamond realm in Keroune, all within the boundaries of the Republic of Guinea

Fueling Africa's Mining Revolution
Etched within our core is the fervent pursuit of nationalisation and Africanisation within Guinea's mining sector and beyond. A torchbearer of this noble mission, FAKOMM, thrusts vitality into the veins of the African mining realm.

Diverse Horizons, One Vision
Our reach spans continents, bridging the continents of Asia, Europe, North America and our African home. Our global connections powers our consultancy, enhancing our ability to deliver groundbreaking solutions to the world's mining giants.

Guiding Hand: Dr. David Makongo
At the helm stands Dr. David Makongo, a visionary who ignited the spark that has blossomed into a blazing trail of success and transformation. His leadership drives our unwavering commitment to progress, community and humanitarian endeavors.

Strength in Expertise, Trust in Relationships
FAKOMM boasts top-tier management, reliable trustworthy relations with government bodies, local communities and international entities. Our diverse team offers expertise, weaving together business acumen, legal mastery, humanitarian empathy and geological brilliance.

Championing Change, Fostering Growth
Our contribution extends beyond industry prowess. We stand as agents of socio-economic transformation, crafting the destiny of the Republic of Guinea and other nations through dynamic engagement and humanitarian initiatives.

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Dr David Makongo

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1993 - Present

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n a world driven by transformation, Fako Mining & Management, (FAKOMM) LLC stands unyielding – a beacon of innovation and a catalyst for a brighter mining future.

Join us in rewriting the narrative of mining excellence.

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